meet the donut team



Joan is Jackson's aunt. She drew the pictures and wrote this children's book based on Jackson's experience getting MRIs. She enlisted a graphic artist and designer to bring her sketches to life. She is a writer, artist and communications professional in Nashville, Tenn. For questions about the book, email her at



This is Jackson, whose idea to help other children getting MRIs began our journey to creating the children's book, The Donut That Roared! After more than 2 dozen MRIs, he is a CHLA Junior Ambassador and a Make-A-Wish recipient. He goes to high school in Southern California. He still gets MRIs but they're not so scary anymore. 



Isaiah is Jackson's brother. He has gotten good at keeping himself busy in waiting rooms during Jackson's MRIs. Isaiah is a talented performer, artist and lego builder, who loves animals and playing soccer.

Jean and Rupert


These are the parents! Jean is a longtime development professional in Los Angeles. She is an expert bread-baker and lover of books. Rupert is a finance professional and real estate developer in LA and Georgia. He enjoys Clippers games, renovating properties and playing Words With Friends.