fan mail

I loved the book. I have it on my desk at work. 

And autographed too! Jackson is a brave young man. 

Thank you for sharing your story.


Pasadena, California

The book is wonderful way to help children deal with a scary roaring donut. I hope this is just the first in a series of books to help children deal with the many unfamiliar and scary aspects of healthcare. Wishing you continued success. We bought 5 copies for our local Children’s Hospital. 


Chillicothe, Illinois

I recommend “The Donut That Roared” to everyone. I work in the Emergency Department and purchased two books. One for our kiddos in the Emergency Department and one for the Child Life workers in our Children’s Hospital. 

The book is a great resource to share with anyone, 

especially our little ones that may need an MRI. 


Redlands, California

As a mother whose kiddos have been though their share of medical procedures, I find "The Donut That Roared" a great way to help children understand MRIs. Doctors, nurses, medical techs and Child Life Specialists have always been great at explaining procedures to my boys in terms that they understand. I love the idea of the MRI being a doughnut and children will love this too!


North Texas

Medical procedures can be scary and overwhelming for children and their parents. As a Certified Child Life Specialist, I help children understand what they will experience through education, play, preparation, and creative arts. The Donut That Roared is a perfect resource to teach children about a brain tumor and how to cope with MRI scans. The authors convey their story in a beautiful way that normalizes fears and empowers families facing similar medical challenges.

Shani Thornton, MS, CCLS

Northern California

I have the unique privilege of caring for children during challenging times. The ultimate reward is watching them grow up. Jackson has been an inspiration for everyone. This remarkable young man drew upon his experiences in the hospital undergoing an MRI and ingeniously turned it into a powerful teaching tool. As you turn the pages, Jackson coaches readers through the process, making what may seem impossible, possible. This book should serve as a valuable resource to every family and child life team as they prepare children for an MRI.

Erin Kiehna, MD, 

Pediatric Surgeon

Charlotte, North Carolina

The Donut That Roared is a delightful story that equips children (and their parents!) to face an MRI with ease, humor and courage. Jackson’s real life story is an inspiration.

Kirsten Gardner, MD, 


Pasadena, California